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Our faith is 2000 years old; our thinking is not!


DeWitt Academy 

This education-based mission sponsored by DeWitt's United Church of Christ provides engaging study of the Bible, the Christian faith, and the church through professional level instruction offered by professors of religion, recognized authors and individuals gifted in a particular specialty.
These seminars are open to lay people as well as to clergy, who can receive continuing education credit for participation.
Its purposes are to help you go deeper
  • in your knowledge of the Bible.
  • in your faith development.
  • in your connections with your church. 
  • in your service as Jesus' disciple.

 D.A.T.E. classes are offered to any and all people who are looking for topics on church and Scripture.  Our presenters are authors, practitioners, and professors who have a passion for teaching and sharing.  Classes will be offered on weekends, all day Saturdays and Sunday afternoon, at DeWitt's United Church of Christ. Cost per year is $1,000.  

D.A.T.E. CLASSES 2017-2020
Our next three-year cyce will begin in 2017.  Partipants will dedicate five weekends per year for three years to semiary-level study of scripture and Christian practice.
For more information, contact Dianne Prichard at

Previous D.A.T.E. Instructors
Henry Rietz Biblical Studies
David Trobisch Christian Scriptures
Timothy Slemmons Preaching
Maren Tirabassi Worship & the Sacraments
Matthew Coomber God in the Old Testament
Kristin D. Van Heyningen Jeremiah
J. Clinton McCann The Psalms
Crystal Silva-McCormick The Qu'ran and the Bible
James L. Bailey The Sermon on the Mount
Jeffrey Means Evil and Trauma
Clyde Steckel United Church of Christ Polity

Contact Dianne Prichard at or 563-271-6112 to make an appointment to chat about D.A.T.E.

Mail payment to:
DeWitt UCC
Academy for Theological Education
520 E. 11th Street
De Witt, IA 52742
Payment is due within 10 days of registration.

DeWitt Academy for Theological Education