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The Haiti Mission Team Update with Hurricane Matthew

Update Reports from ServeHaiti


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Directly from the clinic about 10:00 am Tues., volunteer Eve Haydel confirms that all is well at the clinic for now. The winds and rain are coming and going, but they expect more consistent rain in the next 6 hours. There are reports of roofs blown off several homes in the community of Le Palmes, but no injuries are reported at this point. The clinic is open for those who wish to evacuate their homes, but although there are a few patients arriving, most of the clinic neighbors are staying put in their homes. Thank you for your prayers and concern.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016   (8:30 am)

We're grateful to report we've heard from the team and staff at the clinic and everyone is doing relatively well. It was a long, loud night- as they are experiencing a lot of wind and rain, but they are safe. They ask for continued prayers for all of our friends in Grand- Bois and the entire country as the storm continues through the day.


Monday, October 3, 2016   (9:30 am)

We wanted to let you know we have been in touch with staff and volunteers at the clinic this morning. The rain has begun and winds are picking up, but all is well. Patients are still walking in to be seen as though it is just like any other rainy day in Grand-Bois, but preparations have been well under way to take in any of those people in the surrounding neighborhood who may need assistance as Hurricane Matthew strengthens. Thank you for your continued prayers for the entire country of Haiti.


Sunday, October 2, 2016    (9:30 pm)

As Hurricane Matthew prepares to reach Haiti, we ask for your prayers and positive thoughts. The clinic is located in the West Department and at this point, it looks as though the Grand-Bois region will be dealing with torrential rain and wind, although most likely not 145 mph as is predicted in Port-au-Prince. For those who do not have the protection of a concrete structure such as the clinic, this can be devastating. Our staff and visiting volunteers are battening down the hatches and preparing to ride out the storm. Thus far they have had some pretty good winds and told us they were preparing for the rain to start momentarily. We'll try to keep you updated with any changes.

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