Month: April 2018

After college, I spent a couple of years working as a cook in a chef owned and operated restaurant in Galesburg, Illinois. And while it wasn’t going to win any Michelin stars, it was a good restaurant and one of the more upscale ones in Galesburg. And it was a traditional kitchen… meaning that there was a lot of yelling and swearing and name calling and threatening. That’s part of kitchen culture. Paul Bocuse yelled. Auguste Escoffier swore. Marie-Antoine Carême probably called people names. Eugenie Brazier probably threatened people. Chefs throughout history and throughout the world have done all…

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Ash Wednesday (February 26)

Ashes to Go

Can't make it to worship? Join Pastor Chris in the church parking lot for ashes to go on Wednesday from noon to 1pm (weather permitting).

Dinner and Worship

Join us at DeWitt's United Methodist Church for a light dinner at 6pm and worship at 7pm.