Visioning Update

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Many of you know that First Congregational United Church of Christ is going through a visioning process right now. Over the last couple of months, Pastor Chris and Mark Ohnemus (our moderator) have been interviewing the members of the church council. Now it’s their turn to do interviews (and your turn to be interviewed)!

Over the next couple of months, members of council will be talking to members of the congregation to discover what your fondest memories are, what you think the core values of the church are, and where you imagine the church might be headed. Your answers to these questions will help us discern the vision of First Congregational UCC and set our course for the future.

Here are the questions you will be asked:

Tell a story about a time in the life of the church that was a high point for you. What was the situation? Who was involved? What happened? What was the experience like for you? How did you feel?

Without being humble, what do you value most about yourself? As a person? As a member of this church?

What do you value about this church?

What do you think is the core value of this church?

Thinking about the situation you described and the values you’ve listed, how do you imagine those being lived out in the everyday life of the church?

Once the council turns their interviews in to Pastor Chris, he’ll make them anonymous and then go through them to tease out common themes. Once we’ve discovered these themes, there will be conversations with the congregation to narrow down our vision.

Thank you so much for your help in this process!

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