Support the Referral Center with a Regular Donation

First Congregational United Church of Christ does a great job of supporting our local Referral Center. Four months a year, we collect goods for their food pantry; and I know that many of you give food and money at other times of the year. The Referral Center is a community effort, and my sincere thanks go out to everyone who supports it.

But we also know that the Center faces high demand. This was shown to us recently when the Center had to put out a call to fill its empty shelves. While the community responded to that call, we know that the Center needs our support every day if we’re going to make sure that people in our community who are experiencing poverty have what they need.

To help make sure that the Referral Center can meet the needs of our community, you can know set up a monthly donation through direct debit. Simply fill out the form that you can can find here, and turn it into First Central Bank!

Thank you for all that you do for the Referral Center!

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