Support the Referral Center During December!

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You know that it’s important to support the Referral Center throughout the year. But December is also a month when we have a special focus on supporting the Center as it helps people in our community who are struggling. If you don’t know what the Referral Center does, just take a look at this list (or read the whole brochure).

In 2017, the Referral Center:

Gave out more than 950 boxes of food, more than 1400 bread sacks, almost 1500 cereal sacks, and almost 575 gallons of milk!

Gave school supplies to almost 160 children and school clothes to almost 90 children!

Provided more than 70 instances of gas and auto repair assistance, more than 50 rent and housing payments, more than 50 utility payments, and more than 80 instances of assistance with babies (diapers, formula, wipes, etc.)!

We all know that there is a surprising amount of need in our community, and that the Referral Center is consistently there to help people who are struggling to make ends meet. Please, support the Center this month with your gifts of money and materials.

Non-perishable food and other supplies can be left under the coat rack in the entry area of the church. Monetary gifts can be made during our offering (just write ‘Referral Center’ on your check) or by dropping a check off at the office.

You can also support the Referral Center, and the people of our community, year-round by making a monthly contribution via direct debit. You can find the form on our Documents page.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!

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