Back Bay Mission Trip Informational Meeting

Are you interested in a mission trip to Back Bay Mission? We’ll be hosting an informational event with Pastor Chris after worship on February 3, 2019. Please join us to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Back Bay Mission is a human services ministry of the United Church of Christ located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Its programs and services include housing rehabilitation, emergency assistance, and rapid rehousing. Volunteer opportunities include work in its housing rehabilitation ministry, its food pantry, and the Micah Day Center. The Mission also happens to be Pastor Chris’s former employer. Volunteering at Back Bay Mission is a great opportunity to serve the poor and marginalized of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and learn more about poverty and poverty relief.

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  1. Yes. I enjoyed my mission to Harlan, Ky., and while there, spent my time with Madonna Sagers clearing a basketball court and the homeowner’s rose bushes that had long been forgotten because of the kudzu vine which had taken over their property.

    Visiting with the three former coal miners who were also there to work on the home which was being refurbished. I learned so much about the very dangerous and sad lives these men and their daddy’s had led as coal miners.

    It was a very moving experience for me.

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