Black History Month Project Update no. 1

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If you read my columns in the Carillon Notes, then you know that I’m embarking on a personal project during Black History Month. I’m trying to add Black (or predominantly Black) media to my usual media diet.

Because I’m looking to change my media diet, I’m not looking so much for books or articles, even though I have been reading a few articles. That’s because those kinds of media tend to be one-off. Once I’ve read a book, I’ve read that book. And while I might read that book again sometime, it isn’t something that I’ll keep reading day in and day out. Instead of looking for one-off media, I’ve been adding serial media: media that is regularly creating new content and, therefore, media that can be a part of my diet for months, years, or decades to come.

So, here’s what I’ve added so far.

Twitter: I spend a surprising amount of time on Twitter, so the first thing I looked at was my Twitter timeline. It already had some racial diversity, but definitely needed more. So, here’s a list of the Black people who I am now following (who are not politicians). I’ve followed some of these people for a while, so there are some on the list who haven’t posted in a while, but several are fairly new.

@JIJennings, @ReignOfApril, @BigGhostLtd, @Nettaaaaaaaa, @questlove, @BlackGirlNerds, @JamilahLemieux, @Combat_Jack, @brokeymcpoverty, @bomani_jones, @JamilSmith, @eveewing, @FeministaJones, @ProfessorCrunk, @Moore_Darnell, @writer9706, @RevDrBarber, @JoyAnnReid, @deray, @wkamaubell, @PureKwest, @revdrseed, @thephiwa, @pastortraci, @DaBuhuro1, @om3

Podcasts: I also listen to a lot of podcasts, so I looked at what I was listening to. Again, there were already some Black people on the list, but not enough. So, here are the Black (or predominantly Black) podcasts that I’m listening to. I should point out that there are very few podcasts that I listen to every episode of, so it’s not like I’m listening to the whole back catalog. But I am listening to these and they’re in my feed for the future.

Reveal, In Black America, The Nod, Pod Save the People

General News: I also read a lot of news, so I’ve added theGrio and The Root to my regular reading.

Do you have suggestions? Leave a comment below! Twitter and podcasts are obviously welcome, but I’m also looking for blogs, tv shows, or anything else!

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