Month: May 2019

Grant and Scholarship Applications Due This Friday!

Grant and scholarship applications for our summer disbursement have been available for almost a month and they are due on May 31 (that’s this Friday)! Please remember to get your application in by the deadline. Applications are available on the rack outside the office door or on the website (on the documents page).

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When We Were Still Sinners (Sermon for May 26, 2019)

I’ve said it before. I said it last week. I’ll say it again: You are loved and you are worthy of love. It doesn’t matter how you got here. You are here now. You are in grace. You are loved and you are worthy of love. I know that can be hard to believe. That’s

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How We Got Here (Sermon for May 19, 2019)

How did you get here? It’s a question we ask each other a lot… and the answers matter. Way back when I was searching for a call to a congregation, I had to fill out forms—a ministerial profile—about how I got here.  I had to chart a journey through high school and college and seminary

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Sunday Sermon Preview for May 19, 2019

Sunday sermon preview: You are not a hero. You are not a villain. You are not your most celebrated moment. You are not your most embarrassing one. You are not the highest moment of your ecstasy. You are not your rock bottom.

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Other Gods (Sermon for May 12, 2019)

On my drives from Davenport to DeWitt, and from DeWitt to Davenport, I listen to a lot of NPR. Last Sunday morning, as I was on my way to preach a sermon that touched upon violence at a house of worship, some people on Weekend Edition were talking about violence at houses of worship and

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Before We Are Anything Else (Sermon for May 5, 2019)

We have spent the last twenty weeks—every week since Epiphany, way back in January—reading the gospel according to Matthew. That’s a long time to spend in one gospel. Over the last four months, we’ve heard Matthew’s version of the life of Jesus. The call of John the Baptizer, the temptation in the wilderness, the beatitudes

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A New Way to Give!

This is a reprint of my column from the May 2019 Carillon Notes. Read the whole newsletter here. If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble doing the things that you say you’ll do. A haircut can wait a week. Cleaning the bathroom can wait a couple of weeks. Going to the gym can wait

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