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This is a reprint of my column from the August 2019 Carillon Notes. Read the whole newsletter here.

In June, Mariah and I had the pleasure of attending the United Church of Christ’s General Synod in Milwaukee. General Synod is when people from across the denomination come together to worship, celebrate, learn, elect denominational officers, and pass resolutions that speak to important issues.

This was my first General Synod where I didn’t have to stand at a booth in the exhibit hall for most of the time. I had the pleasure of seeing friends, watching plenaries, worshipping, and, maybe most importantly, attending workshops and Be the Church conversations. The workshops and conversations were educational sessions. And one of the themes of the sessions I attended was growing the church.

Here’s a simple truth: we are a unique church in our community; and there are people in our community who are looking for a church like ours. 

Here’s another simple truth: those people are only going to learn about our church if you tell them about us; and they’re only going to come if you invite them.

I know that can be scary. Fortunately, we have some low-pressure opportunities to invite people to church! If you know people who just want to relax, invite them to a family movie night. If you know people who want to learn, invite them to an I Have Questions event. 

There are people in our community who are looking for a congregation like ours. There are people in our community who are searching for the God who loves them just they way they are, and too much to leave them that way. And they’re only going to find that congregation and that God if we help them.

So, as summer comes to an end, why not invite someone to church?

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