Happy New Year! Happy 2020!

I grew up reading and watching a lot of science fiction (surprising, I know). The stories I knew promised a lot for 2020: colonies on Mars and Venus, brains permanently connected to the internet, corporations ruling the world, robots doing all of our household tasks, and so on. I’ll leave it to you to decide what sci-fi predictions have come true (or a little bit true). But I know that a year that once seemed to be in the distant future is here now. And it isn’t like anyone thought it would be.

The world may not be entering a decade that’s especially different from the last one, but First Congregational United Church of Christ is ready for something new. In November, we passed new by-laws for the congregation. That means that we will soon have a very different structure for governing our faith community. We will have a new Council, new Boards, and new Leadership Teams. And that also means some new processes and practies.

I know that some of us are very excited, some of us are a little nervous, and a lot of us are probably both. Just like those sci-fi writers had hopes and fears for 2020, we have hopes and fears about entering a new time of the life of our church. But I also know that this is a congregation full of grace. As we implement new by-laws, we will figure things out together. And, I hope, all of this newness will lead to a brighter future for this little consulate of the kingdom of God.

May you have a blessed 2020. May we all be blessings to one another and to the whole world.

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