Faith in Motion

We are excited that our sixth series of Faith in Motion began on February 12th. Thank you to everyone in our church for supporting this great program! We wanted to take a few minutes to update you on what we’ve been doing.

We began this series three years ago, knowing that kids’ lives are busy, and hoping that we might leverage their love for sports and extracurricular activities to start converations about how their faith goes with them everywhere. We wanted to talk about how their faith influences everything they do, everyplace they go: churches and baseball diamonds, soccer fields and classrooms, playgrounds and homes. Everywhere!

We hold two six-to-eight week series each year: one in the spring and one in the fall. Each series has its own theme, agenda, and activities, developed by a great group of volunteers. We end each series with a fun finale that involved the entire family. We’ve gone to a River Bandits baseball game and an Iowa Hawkeye basketball game. We’ve also had a parent vs. kids kickball game and picnic, and hosted a family movie night with a private showing of Remember the Titans. It’s been a learning experience for all of us… and a whole lot of fun.

We began this series by offering it to 3rd-6th graders in one session. Due to high interest, and the desire to expand who it was available to, we now offer two sessions each Wednesday: one for 2nd-4th graders from 6pm to 7pm, and one for 5th-7th graders from 7pm to 8pm. All of these sessions are held at the Central Intermediate School gym and follow the same format. The first 30 minutes is full of discussion and activities, which include writing, posters, and skits that follow the series’ theme. We spend the last 30 minutes in the gym, getting up and moving with activities like kickball, capture the flag, and crossy river (ask the kids about this one!).

Themes so far have included Lean on Me, when we explored who we know that we can lean on, like Jesus, family, teachers, and friends; Remember the Titans, a movie study where we talked about the Christian values of the film, how Jesus’s teaching influenced that time in our history, and how those teachings continue to guide us today; and A Kid’s Game Plan for Great Choices (our current series), a sports devotional book study that gives the kids an opportunity to read, write, and discuss their faith by learning from some of their sports heroes.

We are thrilled with both the attendance (we’ve averaged 30-35 kids each week) and the engagement and participation. The kids continue to be respectful and focused during our learning time, and almost everyone leaves a little sweaty following the time to move!

FaithWe appreciate your support in helping the kids of our church and the community put their FAITH IN MOTION! 

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