An Illustrated Sunday School

After a several year hiatus from traditional Sunday school, UCC First Congregational Church offers a reimagined way for our youngest learners to engage in Christian teachings.

Beginning in Fall 2019, we once again offered a six-week Sunday School series. A second six-week session picked back up February 2020.  The 30 to 45 minute was provided during the second half of Sunday Services and taught by several congregation members in our Sunday school rooms.  Pupils were invited to leave the sanctuary after “Time with Young Worshipers”. 

This year learners from Pre-K to Grade 5 are being offered lessons from the Illustrated Ministry Curriculum. Our lessons focus on seeing God’s work in everyday life. Students receive coloring pages related to a biblical story and participate in reading the Bible lesson.

Age appropriate activities and open-ended questions focus on relating the Bible to the students every day interactions. The children are engaged and as a group have shared some deep understanding of the lessons.  

During our February and March session, teachers will introduce a musical component to Sunday school and will culminate with a short musical performance during service at the end of our session.

We invite parents and adults in the congregation to review the coloring pages students will bring home and engage the students to tell the story and lessons from Sunday School.  It can be enlightening to hear the lesson straight from the mouths of babes!

Faith formation committee continues to look for ways to bring learning opportunities to all ages.  If you have ideas to share about making Faith formation work for you or your family, please reach out to the members of our committee.

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