I’m Proud of You

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This is a reprint of my column from the June 2020 Carillon Notes. Read the whole newsletter here.

I am proud of you.

I know that the last couple of months have been hard. They’ve been hard for me, too. Together, we’ve adjusted to worshipping, holding meetings, and having Bible studies and I Have Questions events online. And those are just the things we’ve adjusted to as a church! We’ve also learned to have school online, found new ways to entertain ourselves and connect with others, changed when and how we shop for groceries, and made dozens of other changes to keep ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors safe. That’s something to be proud of.

I also know that it would be easy to try to return to normal as quickly as possible, even if that meant taking unnecessary risks for ourselves and the most vulnerable among us. It would be easy to let our impatience to get back to the ways things used to be overwhelm our love for our neighbors. I am grateful that our Council, Worship and Fellowship Leadership Team, and the rest of the congregation have taken the time to seek advice, ask hard questions, and make carefully considered decisions.

The pressure to reopen is real. Other churches have already reopened for events or even for worship. I’m sure that some of those churches have done just fine. And I know that some fo those churches have faced disastrous consequences; church buildings are simply excellent places to spread this disease. As we look around and see other people return to normal, as we grow impatient with the way things are right now, and as we hear voices clamoring that the mortality rate isn’t that high (among other things), we must remember our call to love others even—and especially—when it is hard.

Life is uncomfortable right now. It’s probably going to uncomfortable for a while longer. I have no idea how long. But you are doing a good job of getting through these difficult times. And, as a church, we are doing a good job of getting through these difficult times. I’m proud of you.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris

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