Podcast Episode 15: Be the Church: Fight for the Powerless/What Can We Do?

This week on the podcast: Pastor Chris responds to a question that someone asked last week, “What can we do, here and now, to be the church?”. Plus, an audio version of our online worship service that includes the scripture and sermon for July 12, 2020.

This is a new format for us. We had been releasing two podcasts each week: one with just the scripture and sermon for the week, and one with Pastor Chris talking about a topic. Now, we’re combining this together. Our  worship service is at the top this week, then our theme segment.

This week, worship starts at about the 2 minute mark, with scripture at about 4:38, the sermon at about 7:52, and prayer at about 22:15. The theme segment starts at about 26:20.

We are only meeting online right now. You can join us for a prerecorded worship service at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. You can find more information about that, and learn more about us, by visiting uccdewitt.org.

The scripture reading this week was Isaiah 58:3-12. That link will take you to the NRSV version of the reading.

Our music includes Funkorama and Pride, both by Kevin MacLeod.

You can listen to the pod right here (the player is at the end of this post), listen to it or download it from Podbean, or find it on Spotify, iTunes, or Apple Podcasts.


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