Day: August 7, 2022

The Israelites say to Moses, “A life in slavery would have been better than a death in freedom.” And Moses says to the Israelites, “You forgot about the other option.”
It is easy and it is comfortable to imagine that it’s the word of a protagonist against the word of a villain, and that’s that. And sometimes, that works. But most of the time...
The truth is that we are not the church that we used to be. And the truth is that we are not the church that we are becoming. And it’s all a little weird; and it’s all a little scary; and it’s all a little terrifying.
God lays their weapons down; and God ain’t gonna study war no more.
That's not to say that men don’t do those things. It’s just, well, when one of your parents guilts you into going to church, it’s usually your mom.
Armani? As if. Prada? Please. Ferragamo? Pfah. Tyrian Purple is style… is class… is Vee-Eye-Pee.
That’s just my shoulder tensing up, right? A little strain across the chest? Can you have a teeny-tiny heart attack?
What do we do when everything is wonderful and terrible and all too much?
Maybe that starts with praying the kinds of prayers that make people say, “What’s wrong with those people? Are they okay? Should we call someone? Should somebody do something?”
This priest gathered the people who had married to a foreigner. And those people confessed their sin, and divorced their spouses, and sent them away. And that was wrong.

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