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Where We Find Jesus

We meet Christ in every pleading face and outstretched hand. We meet Christ in every person who is oppressed or marginalized. And that means that we cannot be silent in the face of violence and injustice.

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Christ is calling us to keep our lamps trimmed and burning, to be awake to his presence among us, to be—dare I say it—woke to the injustices of the world.

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Beyond the Checkbox

God’s reign of love isn’t found in checking off the church attendance box. It is found in imitating Christ; it is found in becoming more human.

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Grace as Justice

Human justice is rooted in scarcity. Divine justice is rooted in abundance. And we call divine justice, ‘grace’.

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Mr. Ten-thousand-talents could be off scot-free. But it’s not enough to walk away from his debt; he has to walk away from the very idea of debt, altogether.

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Ash Wednesday 2023

Remember, O Mortal, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Repent, and believe the gospel.

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The Kingdom of Heaven

Heaven isn’t something that’s waiting for us after we die. It is right here, right now, and changing everything.

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It is so easy to turn this thing that is supposed to be about having faith in the God who we see in Jesus Christ into a thing that is about having faith in the certainty of hell.

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Worship for February 5, 2023

Pastor Chris was out with a back problem this morning. Many thanks to Mariah for for filling in to lead worship and everyone for making worship happen even without the normal pastor!

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Really Really Real

Imagine getting away from the performance—imagine getting away from the show—and standing before God in the really really real.

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