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Life, Together (Sermon for August 12, 2018)

We held worship outside this morning, so there’s no recording today. As we have established in earlier sermons, I am a nerd. Almost every week, I get together with a group of friends and we play… well, not Dungeons & Dragons, but a similar game. For a few hours, we play characters who are wizards

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Hallelujah (Sermon for July 29, 2018)

Oh… David. Our reading from 2 Samuel this morning is one of the most famous stories from the Bible. It’s famous enough to make it into a Leonard Cohen song that’s been covered time and time again. I won’t ruin your morning by singing it, but you know it. You’ve heard it. “Your faith was

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Different and Whole and Beautiful (Sermon for July 15, 2018)

On one of my first days here at First Congregational, I spent some time wandering around the building. This isn’t an old building, and you all have been very tidy, but one thing all churches have is a collection of… stuff. If you’re remembering back to last week, I’ve never been to a church that’s

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Who We Will Be (Sermon for July 8, 2018)

A couple of years ago, Mariah and I went on vacation to the House on the Rock. If you’ve never been there, I really can’t do it justice. In the 1950s, this guy named Alex Jordan Jr built this crazy museum on Deer Shelter Rock in Wisconsin. There are rooms and gardens and displays, and

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Other People’s Children (Sermon for July 1, 2018)

We are continuing to have some challenges with recording, so there is no audio this week. We’re sorry for any inconvenience! You all know that Mariah and I don’t have children. Now, I’m almost 40, so this happens less often than it used to, but it still happens. Someone asks when we’re going to get

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Fear and Faith (Sermon for June 24, 2018)

Due to a technical problem, there is no recording for this sermon. We apologize for any inconvenience! I don’t play favorites. I don’t have favorite things. If you ask me what my favorite food is, I will name every cuisine on the planet. If you ask what my favorite movie is, I’ll name ten or

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Blasphemy! (Sermon for June 10, 2018)

Due to a technical issue, there is no recording of this week’s sermon. We apologize for the inconvenience! The Pharisees are plotting against Jesus. They know that he’s a threat to the social order. They want him gone. They want him discredited. And they have a plan. You see, Jesus has been going around healing

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