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People of the Spirit

All of creation is groaning to see something new come into being! And we are the midwives, coaxing God’s reign of love into its glorious fullness.

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No Dominion

Therefore we were buried with him by baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also might walk in newness of life.

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Do not be afraid to share the portion of the gospel that you understand deeply. And do not be afraid to listen to the portions of the gospel that others are sharing with you.

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29 Days

You, as the church, are nothing less than the body of Christ: the living embodiment of the good news of Jesus Christ! What a wonderful thing to be!

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No Gates. No Gatekeepers.

We are not the gatekeepers of the faith. We cannot keep out those who God is inviting in. So, since God is welcoming all of creation into the reign of love, we have to do the same thing!

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We have been given new and abundant life: enough and more than enough to share. And we are called to invite others into life!

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Returning to Life

In that moment, the one in whom the most divine divinity and the most human humanity—the holy and the broken—meet gets up. God comes back to life. And so do we.

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Good Friday 2023

This is our Good Friday service for 2023. Pastor Chris made the slides in a hurry and forgot to change a setting, which means there’s no actual video (or, rather, the video would just be the slides). You can still listen, though.

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Maundy Thursday 2023

This is our worship service for Maundy Thursday 2023.

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A Cosmic Revolution

The people who see Christ ride into Jerusalem are expecting one kind of revolution. They—and all of us—get a much more extraordinary one.

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