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Really Really Real

Imagine getting away from the performance—imagine getting away from the show—and standing before God in the really really real.

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Taking Up Space

There is not one of you who goes to church. You—and all of us, and so many more more besides—are the church: the light of the world; the body of Christ.

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Jesus—the person in whom divinity and humanity, holiness and brokenness, meet—is not peckish, and he is not hungry, he is famished. And the devil is tempting him.

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As long as we live, remind us of our baptism, remind us of your love.

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To See a Light

Those wise men—those priests, those astrologers, those astronomers, those magi—saw an irresistible light. And they followed it.

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One of Us (Christmas Eve)

This is going to sound sacrilegious. But this is sacred. In Christ, God—the one who calls the worlds into being and sets the earth on its foundations—is one of us.

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Blue Christmas 2022

Our 2022 Blue Christmas service. Song, prayer, and healing for the journey.

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The 2022 Children’s Christmas Program!

The 2022 Children’s Christmas Program takes the place of the sermon this week! Thank you to everyone who made this program possible!

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We are witnesses for Christ by being the reaching arms, the healing hands, the teaching words, the running feet, the loving hearts, the very body, of our Lord and our Savior.

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So Ahasuerus, Esther’s husband, the king of Persia, issues the decree. On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the Persians will kill every Jew in the Empire.

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