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We produce a lot of things—from worship videos to newsletters—to keep you informed and inspired! You can find links to those items (and more) below.


Our pastor, to paraphrase the theological Karl Barth, crafts his sermons with scripture open in one tab and current events open in several others. He preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and asks us to think about how Christ is calling us today. On this page, you can find recordings of sermons and worship services; and, if you go back far enough, you can even find manuscripts of Pastor Chris’s sermons.

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Sometimes, you need something that doesn’t quite work on a website. You can find those sorts of documents below.

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We’ve got a lot of photos of our building, grounds, people, and events. Check out some the latest here!

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The Carillon Notes

The Carillons Note is our hardcopy newsletter. While it goes way back—even to a time before it was called The Carillon Notes—you can find the issues from the last few years here.

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