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One of the things that we learned during the pandemic is that gathering in person is important. There is value in seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices unmediated by screens and speakers. But we also know that people can’t always make it to events that in person. So we produce a variety of media that you can enjoy on your own time and in your own space.


We post recordings of our worship services on our YouTube channel. Sunday services are usually up by Sunday afternoon. Other services are posted as quickly as possible.

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Don’t want to watch an entire worship service? We post shorter videos, with just the sermon on YouTube as well! These are usually up on Sunday afternoons.

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What the Faith?

Short videos on a variety of topics, from what (or who) the Word of God is, to why it’s important to be Open and Affirming out loud. Posted occasionally on out YouTube channel.

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Looking for worship on the go? Our podcast has you covered with the scripture, sermon, and prayers. We also sometimes have additional context for the scripture readings and other segments. Available on Podbean and your favorite podcast app!

We’ve discontinued the podcast for the time being. Old episodes are archived.

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