I Have Questions: What is the United Church of Christ?
Join us at noon on November 23 to hear Pastor Christ talk about the United Church of Christ. Feel free to bring a lunch!
Family Movie Night, Dec. 6
Join us for a fun holiday movie at 6:30pm on Dec. 6. Some snacks are provided, but feel free to bring your own!


Umbrella (Sermon for November 3, 2019)

Someone once told me about this pastor. Now, I heard this second hand, so I don’t know exactly where she was, or exactly who she was speaking to, or exactly what the context for what she said was. But someone once told me that this pastor was preaching a sermon. And she said, “If you’re

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This is a reprint of my column from the November 2019 Carillon Notes. Read the whole newsletter here. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I think about giving a lot. And it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Mariah and I think very carefully about our own giving. We are intentional about

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November Carillon Notes

A new issue of the Carillon Notes is available! Check is out here! And a reminder that the due date for the next Carillon Notes is November 20, 2019.

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Sometimes Things Get Broken (Sermon for October 27, 2019)

Years ago, my mom gave Mariah a Peruvian nativity set. You can tell that it’s Peruvian because of how the figures are dressed, and because one of them is playing a flute, and because there are llamas. And we set it up. And because we’re lazy about Christmas decorations, it stayed up. Hildegard’s favorite game

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Sometimes You Just Gotta… (Sermon for October 20, 2019)

Way back last December, on the first Sunday of Advent, I gave a sermon about hope. I’m sure you remember it. In that sermon, I quoted a line from Ghostbusters. It was just a little throwaway reference. It was just a little Easter Egg. I said, “dogs and cats… living together… mass hysteria!” And when

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