God Loved the World This Way (Sermon for April 21, 2019)

God loved the world this way: she created it. We’re never told why. We’re never told for what purpose. Maybe it was just a joyful act of creation; the kind of thing an artist does. But, for whatever reason that she made a world, she made a world, and she made it good. And she

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It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way (Sermon for April 14, 2019)

When I was in middle school, I competed in the Optimist Club Oratorical Contest. I don’t remember what any of the official topics were, but I remember that my very first speech for that contest was about how people don’t listen to kids or respect the rights of kids… and about how people really should

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Sunday Sermon Preview for April 14, 2019

Sunday sermon preview: Jesus chases out the people who are buying and selling. He flips the tables of the money-changes. He hurls the seats of the people selling sacrificial doves. He throws a tantrum… and the children are crying, “Hosanna”

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This is a reprint of my column from the April 2019 Carillon Notes. Read the whole newsletter here. Spring is officially here! Spring is a busy time at First Congregational United Church of Christ. In the coming months, we’ll recognize Holy Week, celebrate Easter, have a Service of Extravagant Welcome, recognize our seniors, confirm our

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The All Night Oil Shop (Sermon for March 31, 2019)

Once upon a time, when I was young, I was a terrible Boy Scout. I had been a Cub Scout. I had worked my way through the ranks. I was a bobcat, and a tiger, and a wolf, and a bear, and a webelos. It wasn’t too difficult. The Cub Scout motto is, “Do Your

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April Carillon Notes

A new issue of the Carillon Notes is available! Check it out here! And a reminder that the deadline for the next Carillon Notes is March 18, 2019.

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