We are a learning congregation. From Bible studies to occasional seminars and classes, we are always working to deepen our faith and learn about our world.

Bible Studies

The Bible is a central part of Christian life. At First Congregational United Church of Christ, we take the Bible seriously, not literally. And part of how we do that is by spending time studying Biblical stories.

This fall, we’ll be doing a short, four-week Bible study on the book of Ruth. These studies meet on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

I Have Questions!

Faith isn’t always simple. We all have questions about what we believe and why we do certain things. I Have Questions is an occasional series of lunchtime talks and conversations about those deep questions of faith, led by Pastor Chris. Please join us, and feel free to bring a lunch!

Do you have a question about faith? Leave it in the box located near the memorial window in the lounge area.

Inspired by the question, “Why does our pastor sometimes refer to God as ‘she’?” Join Pastor Chris to hear about the metaphors and images that we use for God, how they’ve changed, why they matter, and why it’s important to expand our vocabulary.

The content of this I Have Questions is TBD!

The content of this I Have Questions is TBD!

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