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Our pastor, to paraphrase theologian Karl Barth, preaches with the Bible open in one tab and news sites open in several others, connecting the ancient stories of our faith to our modern concerns. For his older sermons, you can read his sermon manuscripts, which often match what he actually preached, and find links to videos of worship services and sermons. For his newer sermons, when he is experimenting with preaching without a manuscript, you can find links to the videos.


How long until you swallow up the powers of death—the powers that walked into that club in Colorado Springs and the powers that seem to rule this world—forever How long, O Lord? How long?

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They Cannot Win

Do the smart thing, and lay down your arms, and surrender. Then you can sit under your own vine and fig tree, until we take you away to somewhere else. Until we destroy you.

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Gracefully Simple

Sometimes things are big and complicated and overwhelming. And sometimes things are gracefully simple.

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The Prestige

Every great magic trick has three acts. The pledge, the turn, and the prestige. The ordinary, the extraordinary, and the astounding.

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Right now, in this moment, Nathan is on his way to tell David—the king of Israel—exactly what God thinks about what David has done.

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Failing Forward

As hard as this is to hear, there is not one person here who has not broken their covenant. There is not one person here who does not stand in a field of shattered promises.

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Monuments of Stone

We like these commandments. We include them in our lectionaries and have posters of them in our churches. Sometimes, we even memorize them.

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The Other Option 

The Israelites say to Moses, “A life in slavery would have been better than a death in freedom.” And Moses says to the Israelites, “You forgot about the other option.”

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On the One Hand. On the Other.

It is easy and it is comfortable to imagine that it’s the word of a protagonist against the word of a villain, and that’s that. And sometimes, that works. But most of the time…

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The truth is that we are not the church that we used to be. And the truth is that we are not the church that we are becoming. And it’s all a little weird; and it’s all a little scary; and it’s all a little terrifying.

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