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Our pastor, to paraphrase theologian Karl Barth, preaches with the Bible open in one tab and news sites open in several others, connecting the ancient stories of our faith to our modern concerns. For his older sermons, you can read his sermon manuscripts, which often match what he actually preached, and find links to videos of worship services and sermons. For his newer sermons, when he is experimenting with preaching without a manuscript, you can find links to the videos.

Lois and Eunice

That’s not to say that men don’t do those things. It’s just, well, when one of your parents guilts you into going to church, it’s usually your mom.

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Armani? As if. Prada? Please. Ferragamo? Pfah. Tyrian Purple is style… is class… is Vee-Eye-Pee.

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What do we do when everything is wonderful and terrible and all too much?

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Maybe that starts with praying the kinds of prayers that make people say, “What’s wrong with those people? Are they okay? Should we call someone? Should somebody do something?”

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Naomi and Ruth

This priest gathered the people who had married to a foreigner. And those people confessed their sin, and divorced their spouses, and sent them away. And that was wrong.

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Deborah and Jael

The truth is that the fierceness of women has led people out of oppression and shaped nations. And someone in our scripture is about to learn what a woman can do.

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It is hard to hear, because we all want to imagine that we would have stepped over the edge and been heroes. But it is true, because we all have the chance to be heroes right now.

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That is how change happens: a little bit at a time, and, only then, all at once.

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Sarah and Hagar

In our trauma, we turn to sin as a balm for the pain. In our sin we traumatize one another. And there are only so many ways that the cycle can end.

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The world of masks and hierarchies and inside and outside is not the world that God created. It is a world that is broken.

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